The Surprise Art Gallery for the anniversary of Vipshop on 12.8

2016 / Guangzhou / Guangzhou Tower / Haixinsha Asian Games Park

Vipshop X CC&E X Oh,not gallery

Cguojun X huangjiawei

Preface Copywriter Sunjiangkun

The reason why we chose "Surprise" as the show's theme is that nowadays when you look around the streets, the most common expression you will find on people's faces is called numb. But the paradox is that although people's material life is becoming more and more well-off, they appear number and number with less and less joyfulness.Then what on earth is the reason leading to all these?

Actually I think the rootcause for all these should come from the isolation of our senses.The world is getting bigger and bigger with more and more noise, but people are becoming more and more isolated from one another ,thus being deprived of feeling about many particulars around them.

In fact, through the details of every beam of light, every colour, and every object , a mood involved is shed to us. But we have not paid attention to this matter, so we made an attempt by building a space.We hope to activate your senses in this way, and in this space, you can feel the rhythem long gone from your body and music once heard long time ago, as well as various ways of expression of the colour,shape and light. We wish with all these things showed in several different spaces, your senses would be awakened and you can experience the surprise and joy from several dimensions.

We have explored expression styles for several kinds of lights including glistening, bouncing and constant style, so under the light stimulation you can feel a kind of brand new visual surprise.We also have an installation to show the body's rhythmic movement,so in the moment when the body gets away from the ground,what you see and feel have been far more than the joy in the air,but further about the sense of ingenuous childhood.

We have undergone many interesting shape-shifting in a lot of spaces,whereby you will find that shapes have expressions and can tell stories.The one result of combining all kinds of spaces together is to help you retrieve the ability of feeling surprises.We just want to remind everyone to realize one thing that the surprise can be created other than being occasional.It is just like commodities which undertake the mission to deliver surprises to people once produced, but gradually what we focus on is just to buy again and again, leaving such connotation contained in commodities out of mind.

The exhibition is in fact aimed at enabling everyone to retrieve the ability to feel the unexpected joy which is the best way to confront the banal life.