Preface Copywriter Chenrui

We are just a piece of meat

Goddam rotten to earth

The backpack Yaoming lent has become shitty with holes

So will my fucking body soon

The most crappy lines I’ve ever had

Should be the fuck shit I’ll leave to you, the rotten head

With a festering wound left by my cut-out ear

I hide a gun in bosom and step in the crop field

When I finish with my last fucking crap painting

The shitty sunken world will go out of my sight

The skateboard shoes is worn out

My mama ask me why I’m goddam unhappy

Just for my goddam crappy song

I say that make me fucking unhappy

My country is a shitty land

I can’t laugh or cry though, damn it   

How can I goddam draw you delighted fish and bird

Deadly without rolling fucking eyeballs?

Remember that night I fuck with you

You said I got goddam mattery legs

The damn truth is that I crossed over half of China

On foot to make such fucking matter

All those brilliant, putrid, as well as rusty laugh and cry

Awake or drunk

If only fucking before lousy in the belly

Throw them up

That all will be goddam live


Chengdu Leg

2016 / 9.16-18 / Chengdu / Shuijingtang

Host:Shitty poems&paintings X Oh, Not Gallery

Co-sponsor:Void & Sighted Art Center / Mountain Fair / Shuijingtang

Shanghai Leg

2016 / 9.23-25 / Shanghai / Yuyuan Road Anxi Road

Host:Shitty poems&paintings X Oh, Not Gallery

Co-sponsor:Tian Yu Kong / Art Fool Park

Beijing Leg

2016 / 9.26-30 / Beijing / Dashilan Yangmeizhuxie Lane

Host:Shitty poems&paintings X Oh, Not Gallery

Co-sponsor:Atunit / MCM Group / Fann International / Dashilan