The Conch Master&Master's Wife

2009 / Beijing / Taikoo Li / SOHO / Wangfujing

2009 / Beijing / KAPPA WE ARE ONE Trend Art Museum

2012 / Beijing / 798

2013 / Beijing / Beijing Design Week / INDIGO

2013 / Today Art Museum

The Conch Master&Master's Wife

2012 / Chongqing / Yijie Shopping Mall

2013 / Tianjin / Financial Street Center


It began with metal. The creative process meant coming face to face with many different pieces of metal and engaging with them all.

The art was made so that each piece was ten times larger than the original metal parts, but everything was kept in proportion and all the details were maintained. The distinct details of the screws, screw caps, bolts (and so on) were strengthened and emphasised during the construction process, and the gender characteristics of each figure were accentuated.

In the shadow of the global post-industrial era, products with their own history have been separated from their old functions. Here, life is poured back into them, a new way of looking at these pieces is created and a different aesthetic sense is developed. These industrial products have perhaps now found their true form – they seem to be monuments to nature and existence. Containing a universal energy, an almost cosmic force, they send out beautiful feelings of love, which attracts people’s instincts to reach out, touch and share strength.

The significance of these pieces of art can be found on multiple levels, from the natural to the cultural, to playing with people’s senses to creating and encouraging dialogue.