The second term

Hi, got a bite? Vegetable market two-day art show

2015 / Beijing / Xinyuanli vegetable market

The most popular prize of Beijing International Design Week

Oh, not gallery

Preface Copywriter Chenrui

“Authority Gallery”, given/sponsored by Art gallery

Originally we wanted to invite business owners to our art gallery for the Exhibition.

however,city/urban admins (administrative) wants to manage, local government wants to control,next door granny (grandmother) wants to noise in, and even Joe’s mother wants to voice in/take part.

So we decided to host the exhibition at the supermarket, giving them all authorities.

As for what you think, We have no authority.

Brother Luo only responsible for the procurements of yellow beiges, yellow wheat, cereal, yellow red beans & red beans

The color impressions of the compound photosynthetic will grab you unapologetically, your retinas will have to manage tonality.

Brother Lee only responsible for the collection of eggplant, purple eggplant, red pepper, green pepper and red onion green onion chives and other colorful vegies (vegetables) out of dark soil,

How to manage your fingers through these dense jungle of colors, you must carefully ponder the techniques at home, with a small wooden bench

Tian Xiao Yue only responsible for the air shipments of seafood, crabs, mussels, squids, red fishtail and other multicolor creatures

where these colors represent dangers which will bite any hands nearby without warnings.

Mr. Wang is a master for primal cuts for over 20 years, sinew meat, loin eye surgeon, ridge bows, buckle Miron and T-bone chops,

how surreal is his world, the 3.5-D theory environment he works in, he isn’t sure of himself, but you surely could discuss with him

Sister Dong is a creative expert/director, she uses ocher, octagonal agate, haze soy sauce and matured vinegar to artfully sculptured out a light classical stage, only $5 a bottle!

Mr. Kang is a painter, his Master #9 composed with No.021 tofu white, No.132 tofu skin camel, & 119 Konjac purple, starting from $3 dollars a pound,

Mr. Liu is a Wall Street broker. at 5pm his skill comes to live,where his fishes will swim upside down with white bellies up, representing a “fire sale” at half price before the closing market.

Here, is not an art gallery

Here, is an authority gallery