It is not your fault

The children's artwork exhibition

2013 / Beijing / U Town Mall

Oh, Not gallery

Preface Copywriter Chenrui

They use philosophy as mortars and bricks, to built marvelous columns and pillars.They use style for lacquer, to pain the concept wall.

They came up with a proper name for the contents within this wall, its called art gallery.

They came up with a proper name for the contents within this wall, its called art gallery.

Then, this“IS”wall becomes a syntactical structure, a judgment sentence.

Francis bacon was a reality ghost, he was the most ferocious elegant man, the most corrupted rotten being representation in humanity, the wall said. BUT you can only express, bacon, your sensitive heart, what is destroying you over and over again? Painful, sadness.

The wall says, giacometti, was“experimenting a resolution between smooth, peaceful, sharp and extreme objects”. BUT you would like to tell your son, gia-uncle can pinch clays so it screams, can you?

The wall says, paul klee was “a representation of an immense root that stretches deep within human memories, a metaphor”. BUT you only had an epiphany, if you were a fish, how would you paint your surroundings?

Van gogh, when he was struck by the stars in the wheat field, he then stuck his noise in tahiti sands 20 years, never realized the need of a wall for syntactical structure.

When you are struck by a flash move for the moment, when you are awaken by a drop of ink, you do need a wall to tell right and wrong.

Then, we break down the wall, break the cults with religion, so it cannot find its proper pins, only to allow the feelings from the children whom cannot judge happy, emotions, fears and bravery, imaginations, understandings and romantic, etc, no is or not is.

Then, we waited outside the wall, to collect thoughts, freedom, and self ego, only to allow more audience to connect with others, believes, dreams and loves, intertwine, comprehend, happiness and sadness, miss and forget, no is or not is.

There is no wall here,

Only Art and you,

This is not An art gallery,

And there is no“not what your thinking”here.