Salute to Masters Children's Artworks Show

2014 / Beijing / opposite the National Art Museum of China

Beijing International Design Week X Oh, not gallery

Preface Copywriter Diaoyong

This salute makes you feel softly.

Oh, not gallery-- salute to masters with the Children's artworks show.

Impressionism,Cubism,Abstractionism, Realism,Fauvism,Apple Pie,Pineapple Pie,Blueberry Pie,Strawberry Pie, Egg Pie, all have flavours

Classicism,Futurism,Dadaism,Modernism,Postmodernism,Realism,Surrealism,Acting cute,Playing woman,Acting shamelessly, Being adorable, lovable, super lovable ,making you feel softly

The masters play with mud,saw wood, toss pigments,cut canvas,grow flowers and grass,draw shrimps and crabs,make big toys and build small houses,stick colors everywhere, to create a fairy tale world just like children . The children draw on the ground and wall,as well as on the masters' works with vigorous and forceful brushes penetrating as if Gods lend a hand and spare no efforts on their paintings until fully occupied just the same way as those masters.

The masters have spent their whole life's time to learn how to draw paintings like children,while the children's masterpieces can be traded with just an icecream as they don't know who is the master and why they should salute and even never think about why they draw paintings. They are just showing their cherubic style.

All the children are longing to grow up, while the adults are hankering for the innocent and happy childhood.We are all those kids who have grown up with hair turning grey at both temples ,yet crystal clear heart.Just on this crisp October day, the golden autumn,across the National Art Museum of China, let's forget about art and masters,entering the "Oh, not gallery"site where sees no walls and bounderies to pave the way for powerful and unrestrained ideas and play with unconstrained spirits.

Never take hold of your colour brushes to draw the first line that can soften yourself.

Part of the works