Trifle The Joint Exhibition of Children's Artwork

2013 / Beijing / Langyuan

4 Gifted scholars X Oh,not gallery

Preface Copywriter Chenrui

You are trapped in minor things!

The wind blowing from the Pacific Ocean,rolls the water up,

80 millions of fish patter like raindrops

as far as the sea concerned , this is no big deal.

The flowers drop on the water,stirring up huge waves,

the little boat sinks,while the ants have learnt how to swim,

To Tietou, this is the most exciting thing that counts today.

The blue-green algae rule the earth,the dinosaurs'coup has failed,

The conch climb up to the top of 8,000 meters high mountains,while monkeys have learnt how to light a fire,

As far as the Creator concerned,those are a couple of fleeting minor things that happened in the last era.

The cats have returned to its planet,planting fresh flowers and playing the clay,,

many small kittens are made and told about the rainbow on the earth.

To Liuran, this is the most tangible big deal recorded in last year's diary.

The Curiosity crew study hard the Mars language,the God particle plays hide-and-seek,

1 billion GPS satellites return home under the guide of TDOP factor.

For humans, these are just trivial matters that are occuring in each moment.

The tiger chases the light which is scared to freeze in the air.

The Non-existent Star bugs jump out of the hole ,the Fictitious Star falls from three-dimensional to two directional universe.

To Haoming,this is the major issue that happened in his constellation.

Over the past 6.4 billion years,you have known quite a lot,

Even more past incidents that the earth experienced are not something that matter.

Yet in the microcosmos of 7or 8 years'long, there is too much chaos and possiblity.

Every burst of inspiration is as important as the new birth of a star.

Over the past decades, the adults have made the world so difficult to live in,

The imagination giants observe the foolish people outside the wall.

Yet in the world of those born after 2000,fantasies fly with no logic applied.,

Only the art galleries that know no bounds can

well tolerate these endless ,unconstrained and unreasonable

trivial matters from their hearts and

once passing through your mind.

Here is the portal of "Oh, not gallery"

for renewing your three contemplations,

challenging multi-dimensions

and focusing on minor things.


5 meters on the left hand